As I adjust my spending habits, my financial situation improves.

My expectations for getting rid of debt and building wealth are reasonable. I know that it takes time to repair my finances and I am willing to invest that time in order to move beyond my debt.

Making sacrifices is a major part of improving my financial situation. I am willing to give up some of the things that I desire right now in order to afford a better future for my family.

When I shop, I bring a list with me in order to buy only the items that I need. I am free from the pressure to compete with others. I am grateful for what I have because my Creator has given me all that I need.

I have a plan for my financial future that involves me building sustainable wealth for my spouse and children. The passion I have for my financial goals helps me stay the course. When I am tempted to make an irresponsible purchase, I remind myself of my goals and exercise restraint.

My finances continually improve when I seek ways to cut unnecessary costs. I spend time each day reflecting on the driving force behind my purchases. I eliminate greed and competition from my heart by being grateful for what I have and giving to the less fortunate.

Today, I am improving my finances by refraining from unnecessary spending. I use my creativity to look for ways to save money knowing that the sacrifices I make today will be well worth it tomorrow.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Who can help me be accountable for my spending?
2. What do I want my financial situation to look like one year from today?
3. What is the driving force behind my purchases?


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