I can help myself by helping others.

I believe that what I send out comes back to me many times over. When I help others, I am helping myself.

Often what I send out comes back in unexpected ways. I don't expect, for instance, to get rich because I bought coffee for the homeless man on the corner!

But I do believe that the kindness I send out into the world bounces back to me in some form. It may be sooner or later, but it always comes back.

I recognize that it is counterproductive to give only because of what I might receive in return. Doing so voids the point. I give simply because people are in need.

As part of a family, community and society, I know that I need to help meet the needs of others. And by being confident that my own needs will be met, I am free from the tendency to hang on too tightly to what is mine.

I believe that we are all fluid at our core. We are meant to overlap each other. When I am stingy with my resources and emotions, I build a wall around my little pool.

Sure, the gorgeous fish that I've stocked my pool with won't get away, but my wall also closes off the source of freshness and life. In due time, my pool would become stagnant.

When I remain generous with my resources, I am free-flowing and open to the influx of life from all around me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I hoard my resources out of fear that my own needs won't be met?
2. When was the last time I gave to someone in need?
3. Does my life reflect a kind and generous spirit?

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