I enjoy each one of the many gifts that life offers to me.

My life is full of abundance. I am thankful for all the ways in which this manifests.

Each day when I get up, and again at bedtime, I think about all of my blessings. Taking time for gratitude reminds me to enjoy each of the many gifts that life offers to me.

Because I know that I am blessed in both small and large ways, I keep my eyes open all the time for these gifts coming my way. They could be as simple as a hug from my child or a friend, or as complex as being able to negotiate a great deal on a new home. Regardless of the ways they come, I am paying attention!

Each moment that I am alive is itself, a gift.

I pause regularly to give thanks for the breath that sustains me and for the body that moves me through my day. I take pleasure in being physically active, knowing that my good health is a blessing.

My relationships also bring me joy. Whether they number many or few, my friends are priceless to me. My partner's companionship is likewise irreplaceable.

My family brings me comfort in even my most challenging times. Because of this, I cherish all of my relationships deeply. I take time to nourish them and reap their rewards.

Today, I take a moment to savour all of life's blessings. I am aware of the many gifts that life offers to me and thankful for each one of them.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What gifts do I have in my life today?
2. What new blessings have I received recently?
3. What actions can I take to remind myself to savour and be thankful for each gift that life offers to me?


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