I envision myself debt-free.

I envision myself debt-free, owing nothing to any man or institution. My books are in order and my accounts are balanced. I know that I can be free from debt because I am committed to my plan and I am responsible enough to make it happen.

I take pride in making sure that my family's financial future is safe. I am working toward leaving my children an inheritance of blessings, instead of financial ruin. The steps I am taking today will ensure that my family will be free from the burden of debt for generations to come.

The way I spend my money is a direct reflection of my priorities therefore I strive to invest in things of value and refrain from insignificant purchases. When I want to buy something, I wait until I have saved enough money to make the purchase instead of buying on credit and acquiring more debt.

I have the ability to pay off all of my credit cards and loans by sending extra payments whenever I have surplus in my budget. When I pay off a debt, I stay away from new debt; instead I use the extra money for my savings and wealth building.

Temporarily, I have to make difficult cut backs in my spending in order to pay off my debt. I am simplifying my life and finding joy in things of true value. I refuse to accumulate more debt because I work hard for my money and deserve to be debt-free.

Today, I choose to be wise in my spending in order to be free from financial burdens. I see myself without debt; free to invest in my dreams. Free to give to others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is my plan for becoming debt-free?
2. Am I willing to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve my financial goals?
3. How can I spend more wisely?


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