I experience limitless hope.

In the past, I have sometimes been counselled to “hope for the best but prepare for the worst.” Regardless of my current circumstances, I choose to focus on hope. I know that by doing this, I can create what I want in my life.

Sometimes, unplanned situations happen to me and to those I love. Life is just like that: you never know what might happen.

I am confident that of all the possibilities in a given circumstance, the best will come to pass. Limitless hope is my constant companion in all situations.

From time to time, challenges occur. These could be big events, like someone losing their job, or little ones, like getting the cuff of my pants soaked by stepping in a puddle. Regardless of the situation, however, I am certain that a positive future is just around the corner. I put a smile on my face and remember that the best is yet to come.

I can always choose to look at my circumstances through different eyes. If I find myself thinking negatively about something, I quickly sidestep those thoughts and focus on the unlimited positive possibilities. As time goes by, I notice that I am increasingly aware of the hope I experience, rather than on any concerns or issues that may enter my mind.

Today, I rest assured that I am destined to have a wonderful future. I know this because of the gratitude I feel right now for all the good things in my life. Each day, I commit to the experience of hope.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I experience hope spontaneously? Is my relationship with hope a result of positive or negative thoughts?
2. How can I cultivate more positive thinking in my life?
3. What changes can I make to my perspective to help me experience more hope?


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