I get great joy from helping others succeed.

Each day, there are kind things that I can do for people. I see the value that others have in my life and make it a point to determine how I can help them. When people struggle, I want to do something to improve their lives. I am joyful when I can help others have a better life.

For me, helping others is a top priority. Being able to provide others with a path toward success makes me feel valuable. Helping others is one of my greatest joys. When I help others, I also help myself see the joy and beauty to be found in life.

Others can succeed in all types of ways. I look for ways to help others realize their goals and dreams. These can be small or large, but they are all important. Everyone has dreams and goals that they want to see come to pass, so I help them when I can.

Because I give to others, they give back to me. I get so much joy, peace, and love from other people. They see how much I do for others, and they appreciate me. When we all work together, we can do amazing and important things.

I enjoy being part of the success of others. Seeing their joy makes me overjoyed myself! I have love and happiness in my heart, and I enjoy giving it away to others. It always comes back to me.

Today, I live in abundant joy and applaud the success of others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are the best ways for me to help other people see success?
2. How can I receive more joy by being a blessing to others?
3. Are there more ways in which I can help others share their gifts with the world?


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