I give selflessly with no strings attached.

I have been so blessed and I am glad to share what I have with those less fortunate. Giving promotes kindness, love, and positivity in the world around me.

I never know the extent of what my gift accomplishes, but I do know that it is appreciated. I feel that, if I can help just one person each day in some small way, I am making a positive difference in the world.

I give to help members of the human family. Sometimes when someone is down on their luck, a gift can brighten their day. When I see a distraught mother paying for baby formula by counting out her pennies, I give because I know I could be saving a life.

I give for self-fulfillment. It makes me feel good when I give freely of my money, time, or other blessings. The act of giving makes me feel like I have blessings in abundance. Plus, I love the feeling I get inside when I see someone's eyes light up with gratitude!

I give for love. I give freely to those I love, especially to my children! I share my blessings with them because that's what people who love each other do. Giving in this way also teaches my children to be compassionate and give freely of themselves.

I give because it is the right thing to do. If I were ever in need, I would hope that there were generous people who could lend a helping hand to me.

Today, I intend to give freely to others – the downtrodden, the less fortunate, and those I love.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When was the last time I gave selflessly with no strings attached?
2. How does it make me feel when I share my blessings with others?
3. How am I making a positive difference in the world?


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