I radiate joy, love, and light.

I radiate joy, love, and light.
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I know I handle my life well because I am happy. I share that happiness with others every day of my life. Because I bring joy to others, joy, love, and light come back to me. I take it all in and use these gifts to bless others whom I meet each day.

I have love in my life. People are good to me, and I return that goodness to them through a kind word or gentle touch. Whatever people need, I help them feel better, and that brings me immeasurable joy and peace.

There is light in my life, and darkness fades away. The light is bright and beautiful, and it envelops everything I do. Because the light is there for me, I use it to give light to others who may see only darkness in their lives.

Darkness stays away from my life because it seems that it has no hold over me. I refuse to let problems bother me. I maintain my joy and peace through any trials that may appear. Challenges seem small to me because they lack the power to affect me negatively.

My power goes only to love and light. It is used only to bring joy to others and myself. Negativity has no place in my life. I allow only good thoughts and kind people to be a part of my life.

Today, I let my joy, love, and light radiate out bright and strong to touch the lives of others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I bring more joy into my life today?
2. What can I do to share my joy with other people?
3. Who can I touch with my healing love and light today?

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