My generous spirit brings joy to others.

I bring happiness into the lives of others when I make their life easier, even in small ways. Spreading joy also brings me happiness as well. So I strive to make the world a better place.

I share my money with those who inspire me and those who need it more than I. I give generously with no thought of a “return on my investment.” I give simply for the joy of giving.

I share the fruits of my talents with others. When I learn how to build something, I build them for others as well as myself. It is the same way with any craft or skill I develop – I share what I can do with others and we all benefit.

I share my knowledge of the world around me with those it can help. I give advice and mentor others freely so that they, too, can prosper and live a fulfilled life.

I give unlimited love, support and encouragement to those whose lives cross with my own. My time is valuable not only to me but also to those I share it with.

In many ways, each and every day, I strive to bring joy to others. Some of my actions may seem trivial, but they can brighten someone's day. For instance, when I make eye contact with a stranger on the street and give them a warm smile, it may be the only warmth they receive that day.

I know that I can make a joyful difference in the lives of others.

Today, I plan to focus on others and do what I can to bring a ray of sunshine into their lives.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I share my money with those who need a helping hand?
2. When was the last time I went out of my way to help someone?
3. How can I spread joy in my conversations?


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