My grateful attitude brings me happiness.

I am happy because I am thankful. In every situation, I choose to focus on the positive instead of what needs to be improved. When I pay more attention to the things that are going well, it is easy for me to be grateful.

I refrain from forming comparisons because comparison always leads to disapproval. There will always be someone with a better car or a better job, but those things are irrelevant to how I see myself.

When I look at my life, I see someone who works hard to secure the best position for success. I am grateful for every opportunity.

I am grateful because my life is far better than it could be. Grace and providence save me from the path of destruction and allow me to live out my dreams.

My thankful heart stems from a clear understanding of my rich blessings. I am prosperous in every area of my life. Life, health, and relationships are my greatest blessings.

Happiness comes with me wherever I go because my mind is set on appreciating the blessings in every situation.

Whenever I lose focus, begin to feel sorry for myself, or start to complain about my life, I remind myself of those who are less fortunate. I remind myself of how blessed I am when compared to the homeless, the orphans, and the lonely.

Today, I enjoy happiness through gratitude. I choose to be thankful for what I have regardless of what I don't have. I know that I don't need more things to be grateful; I need to be more grateful for the things that I have.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I constantly waiting on something else to complete my joy?
2. How can I eradicate complaints from my thoughts?
3. Why is it necessary to abstain from comparisons?


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