My kindness is a powerful weapon.

I am a kind person. Regardless of the circumstances, my kind attitude remains the same. Speaking encouraging words and performing acts of service expecting nothing in return is part of who I am regardless of what kind of day I am having.

I choose to be kind to others even when they deserve an abrasive response. There are people who get under my skin, but I refuse to allow them to rob me of my peace. When I choose kindness, I elevate myself above pettiness.

Being considerate is a choice that I make constantly throughout my day. While human nature sometimes urges me to selfishly place my needs before others, I allow selflessness to overrule those thoughts.

I have the necessary strength to live by my values. I have enough courage to embrace kindness as a habit of life. My reputation for being a kind and selfless person precedes me and opens many doors.

People are positively affected by my actions. Those around me notice my behaviour and begin to emulate it. In turn, my acts of kindness create an atmosphere of selflessness.

A gentle word is like a soothing tea to an aching heart. In a world run by selfishness, I lay aside my pride by understanding that being at peace with others is worth more than being right.

Today, I choose to be kind to everyone I encounter. My gentle attitude breaks down barriers and propels me forward in my relationships and in my work.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Why is it better to be at peace than to be right?
2. How does my attitude affect those around me?
3. What doors can I open with the key of kindness today?


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