My life is an adventure.

My life is an adventure.
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Life is an amazing gift. From the miracle of conception to the mystery of the ever after, life is truly divine.

I am in charge of my life, and I can choose what kind of life I lead. It is up to me and only me to make my life whatever I want it to be.

My life is an adventure. I choose to see my life as an exciting journey filled with highs and lows. The ups and downs of life are more fascinating than a Broadway play. The excitement of real-life is incomparable.

Positive events in my life are sweet times during which I make memories that I can treasure for years to come. The good times serve as motivation during the not-so-good times to remind me that the ride will be smooth again once I get over the mountain.

During the low times in my life, I put on the armour of a positive outlook and charged forward. Humour is the sword I use to cut through the tough times. I laugh at myself and negative situations because laughing is better than crying.

When I have a particularly crazy day, I take a deep breath and smile to myself, thinking about how much fun the day was. In the end, easy days are boring; those crazy days are the ones that keep my life interesting.

Today, I choose to have a good attitude about life. I take the bad with the same joy as I take the good because it is all part of the journey of life that I love so much.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How is my life an adventure?
2. How can I change my attitude about life?
3. How can I bring more fun into my life and my perspective?

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