My life is expanding.

My life is getting better every day. I wake up excited about the new adventure each day brings. I look forward to stepping outside and facing the world with the confidence of knowing that good thing are headed my way.

I have taken the limits off my dreams, and I dream bigger today than I ever have before. I crush the confines of my aspirations to make way for my goals.

I allow myself to get carried away by envisioning my dreams as reality. Dreaming fuels my ambitions. I step up my performance level when I am driven by passion.

The more I dream, the more I achieve. As a result, I get to enjoy a wider range of experiences. Faith enables me to attain what I dare to desire. Whatever I believe in my heart becomes a tangible reality.

I experience a boost in every area of my life. My relationships are becoming stronger and deeper. I have an enjoyable number of quality friends with whom I can create new memories while sharing life's experiences.

At work, I am rising to the top as I continue to perform above the competition. My responsibilities are increasing just as my ability to excel increases. The power to achieve greatness is stored within me.

Today, I choose to embrace life with arms wide open. I prepare myself to receive the blessings heading my way due to me putting my faith into action. My satisfaction with life is increasing as I gradually improve in every area of my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How has my life expanded in the last five years?
2. What do I want to see happen in the next few years?
3. Why is it important to take the limits off my dreams?


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