My life overflows with gratitude.

In every situation I face, I have a grateful attitude because I choose to focus on my blessings rather than on my constraints. No matter how dark the clouds get above my head, I embrace thankfulness.

I am grateful because even out of those gray clouds, rain comes, bringing new life into the earth. In the same way, the challenges I face may seem overwhelming, but out of those trials I learn lessons that help me become a better person.

In any situation I face, I rejoice, because there is a reason for everything. I trust that my life is in the hands of my Creator, and as the trials come, so will the solutions. I feel honored when I think that my Creator believes I am strong enough to handle what I am facing.

Humility allows me to be grateful when it would be easy to take things for granted. Sometimes, it may seem that my blessings are simply the result of my hard work or that I am simply entitled to them. In reality, it's only by grace and mercy that I have all of the good things in my life.

I cultivate gratitude within myself because there are people in much worse situations than me. Regardless of what happens, compassion for others always helps me remember my many blessings.

Today, I choose to be glad because a happy outlook can soothe a difficult situation, but an attitude of complaint only makes things more challenging. I give thanks in everything because I am truly blessed.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What have I learned from a past trial?
2. What am I thankful for today?
3. In what areas can I be more grateful?


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