Patience gives me strength.

I have the patience to be strong through the changes in my life. When the world around me appears unsteady, it would be easy to give in to fear, but my courage rises up and helps me to be patient.

At times, my life is overflowing with great abundance and blessings, but there are times when I must wait patiently. I can be patient because I am confident of what lies ahead.

I am like the farmer who labors hard during the fall and enjoys the fruit of his labor in the spring. There are seasons in my life where I must simply work hard and then wait for my hard work to bring forth the results I desire.

Regardless of how long it takes my hard work to pay off, I am certain that my actions are attracting fortune my way. I am positive about my future and I refuse to allow myself to grow weary.

Hope is the force that fuels my positive attitude about patience. I believe within my heart that my best days are ahead of me. Therefore, whatever unpleasant situation I may encounter is only temporary.

Learning to respect life's pace is essential to being able to enjoy life. I am content with living in the moment, taking pleasure in what I have rather than wishing for something else. I know that my hard work and patience will be rewarded in due time.

Today, I choose to be patient and maintain my composure. I exercise self-control in the midst of chaos, knowing that things get better. By focusing on what I have with a grateful heart, I experience true happiness.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are the situations that prevent me from being patient?
2. Why is it necessary to accept life's pace?
3. What can I do to enjoy the moment, instead of wishing for more?


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