Uncertainty brings excitement instead of fear.

Uncertainty brings excitement instead of fear.
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Each chapter of my life comes with its own doubts and expectations. I look forward to them just the same.

Being unaware of what tomorrow holds is exhilarating because I expect only wonderful blessings. Each experience has some positive value in it. I choose to adopt that mindset and make the most of what life throws my way.

When I take medical exams, I avoid feeling worried about the results. Taking this approach prevents me from belabouring the unfavourable possibilities and allows me to focus on the present. Knowing that the results are unpredictable encourages me to enjoy my present moments.

Applying for a new job is sometimes nerve-racking, but I proceed with confidence. I envision the awesome possibilities that await me regardless of the decision.

Fear is a choice that is poised to ruin my peace of mind. Being able to live each day to the fullest means abandoning worry in favour of joyful existence. Each morning I pray for acceptance of the outcome for whatever decision I am awaiting.

Waiting gives me a chance to be thankful for what I have and hopeful for the goodness that tomorrow holds.

Today, I am excited about what life has in store for me. Knowing those wonderful things are possible is enough of a reason to live positively today. I am blessed, and that is enough for me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I contain my nerves when I am awaiting a big decision?
2. What am I able to do to sway the outcome of situations to be more positive?
3. How do I prepare myself when I know that a big opportunity is coming my way?

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