With direction in one hand and passion in the other, my hands are always full of possibilities.

In order to free my hands to grab hold of passion and direction, I must let go of unimportant distractions. I examine my life daily and rid myself of things that crowd my grasp.

Getting rid of the meaningless things that simply take up space is the first step to freeing myself. My hands cannot be filled with mundane worries. I do not have room for negativity, fear, or doubt. So I let them go.

Direction helps me see where I am going. I know where I want to be because my vision is clear.

Each step I take brings me closer to my goals. Even when faced with uncertainty, one thing I know is that my next step is always forward. I have resolved to never turn back.

Unlike the autumn leaves, I do not get carried away on every whim that blows my way. My feet are planted firmly on the ground. I reflect daily in order to refine my focus and pursue my passions.

Passion is the fuel that keeps me going. I am driven by my passion. Loving what I do helps me to want to do my best. I am passionate about my career and my relationships.

If I ever feel indifferent about my work, I know that I need to search my soul to find something that excites me. The excellence in my work is a reflection of the passion with which I complete it.

Armed with passion and direction, I know that I can achieve anything. There is no limit to my endeavors. Not only can I fulfill my destiny, but I can also be an inspiration to others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What must I let go in order to grab hold of passion and direction?
2. Am I driven by passion or by fleeting desires?
3. Are my steps taking me forward?


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