After deciding what action to take, I act immediately.

Whenever I begin a task, I take time to make an action plan, and then I jump right in. My plan brings me the confidence to forge ahead, knowing that I deserve great success.

When creating my plan, I divide the task into small, attainable actions. This gives me step-by-step instructions of what to do from beginning to end. When I complete the simplest of tasks first, I build a powerful forward momentum.

Even though I know my plan is sound, I don't set it in stone. If circumstances change, I adapt with ease. Changing course from time to time is okay, just as long as I am still moving toward my goal.

I have the tools and techniques that I can use to relieve stress in times of challenge, bring confidence in times of doubt, and energize me if my motivation wanes.

When obstacles arise, I take them in stride. If I'm feeling stressed, I simply take a moment to breathe deeply. Deep breathing relaxes my body and gives my mind a surge of oxygen to help clarify my thoughts.

If doubt creeps in, I use positive self-talk and affirmations to replace any negative thoughts I may have. This renews my confidence in my abilities.

To keep my energy at its best, I eat right, exercise, get enough rest, and take time to rejuvenate my spirit with meditation and prayer.

My step-by-step action plan empowers me to overcome any challenge and accomplish any task.

Today, I choose to tackle my tasks with renewed energy and confidence. With my action plan and set of valuable tools, I can take swift action toward success.

Self-Reflection Questions:
1. What tasks am I delaying?
2. Have I written an action plan?
3. How do my tools and techniques help me accomplish my tasks?


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