Change is necessary as I go through a period of growth

As I reflect on my life, I realize that every growth period was accompanied, and sometimes caused, by important changes. I know now that I must be willing to change if I wish to grow and become the best I can be.

I accept change as a normal part of daily life. I completely let go of the tendency to hold on to life as it is and welcome new changes as opportunities. I know not what is around the corner for me, so why resist change? It could be just what I need!

In order to learn, I open up my mind to new possibilities. This allows me to accept new ideas and grow intellectually.

In order to develop new skills, I gladly change old habits and make new ones.
In order to create the life I desire, I take action to pursue my goals, changing my path from time to time to overcome challenges.

In every case, I grow as a result of changes!

Just as I grew physically from a baby into adulthood, my mind and spirit grow also, becoming more knowledgeable and wise with each life experience. Every change can add to my inner strength if I let it; so I say, “Bring 'em on,” and I get better and better!

Today, I welcome changes as opportunities to grow. Come what may, I know I have the strength to tackle them with optimism and the wisdom to seek their advantages.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I resist change?
  2. What changes in my life have resulted in significant growth?
  3. What area of my life would I like to improve upon today? What changes can I make to strengthen myself in this area?
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