I am driving change.

I am driving change.

My voice is a force for change. I take the initiative to shake things up when others give up or if I fall into a dangerously monotonous routine.

Doing the same thing over and over continuously yields the same result. If I want to experience new things in my life, I must first be willing to change my behaviour.

If others are resistant to change, I compassionately assure them that better things are yet to come. It may be easier for me to continue in a familiar rut, but I want more than “easy.” I desire to live a full and fulfilling life rather than an easy one.

Transformation begins with my thoughts. When I change the way I think, I can adapt my behaviour to match my thoughts. The power to achieve different results lies within me. It is up to me to go along with the flow or enact change and see where it takes me.

I am courageous in the face of change. There is an element of the unknown that accompanies change. I choose to see that element as an exciting mystery.

My attitude toward change is eager excitement. Even if things work out differently than I expect, I embrace the ride and learn the lessons.

Today, I choose to initiate change by starting with my thoughts. My actions reflect my determination to live a better life than before. I welcome change free from fear.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is my attitude toward change?
2. How can I change my actions?
3. Why is it necessary to change my behaviour if I want to achieve different results?

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