I am entitled to veto bad habits and poor decisions.

Every decision I make brings me closer to my ultimate goal. Every step I take moves me forward. I am the ruler of my own life, and, as a leader, I manage the behaviours of my mind and heart.

Bad habits and poor decisions don't just happen all of a sudden. They're the result of bad seeds that were allowed to take root. I weed my mental “garden” often to pull out anything that can prevent good seeds from growing. My gardening tools are self-control and restraint.

I have the authority to remove bad habits from my agenda. I can retrain my body and mind to eliminate bad habits so that I can be more productive.

I am wise enough to identify when I am pressured into making a bad decision. When that happens, I use my veto power to prevent myself from planting a bad seed. I am also vigilant to ensure that I don't form poor habits.

I regularly reflect on my behaviour to identify habits that may hinder me from personal progress. When I find a bad habit, I immediately make a plan on how to stop it. Having a plan helps me be realistic in my expectations.

I know that habits take time to break, so I allow myself time to remove the bad habits that are a part of my life.

Eradicating bad habits and poor decisions from my life also benefits those around me. Others will not have to dig through weeds that first took root within me. My legacy is greater than that!

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Which bad habits and poor decisions do I need to remove from my life?
2. What is my plan for removing them?
3. Which habits do I struggle with that were handed down to me by my parents?


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