I embrace change. It brings about new opportunities and fresh self-renewal.

I welcome change in my life with open arms. Change unlocks the door to new opportunities in my life so I can become a better person. When I accept change, I walk through the threshold of fresh self-renewal. Refusing to change is a recipe for becoming stale and irrelevant.

Change allows me to transform myself in order to improve my ability to reach my goals. I am free to enlarge my vision by breaking old behavior patterns and forming new habits. When I expand my view, the world feels like a bigger place where I can dream bigger dreams.

I actively seek new adventures each day by varying the activities I engage in. I jump at the opportunity to try new experiences in order to feel young and fresh.

Small changes are the first steps in living an exciting life. Taking new routes, meeting new people, and trying out new foods are some of the ways that I can introduce change into my life.

I embrace change because life is too short to be stale. How I spend my days is how I spend my life, therefore I choose to spend my days filled with joy and excitement! By constantly adapting, I keep myself active and free from boredom.

Today, I am trying something new, bearing in mind that I can learn new things and grow as an individual. I choose to loosen up and allow myself to indulge in a new form of self-expression.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I normally react to change?
2. How can I attract change?
3. What small changes can I begin to make in my life today?


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