If I feel that I may stumble, I consciously decide that I will not revert back to old habits.

I am the one primarily responsible for my own well being, therefore, I pay attention to the signals that my mind and body send me. I am vigilant in keeping myself from renewing bad habits, especially in those times when it is tempting to slip.

I build and maintain close ties with others who are also genuinely attempting to become healthy. Because I have those relationships already in place, I know that I can call on them when I need an extra boost, just as they are free to call on me.

I learn from those who have already defeated similar problems. I take advantage of the wisdom and experience of those who have traveled this road ahead of me.

I also eliminate sources of negative energy from my life. Because I pay attention to my inner voice, I know which people and circumstances cause me to trip up. I make it a point to avoid these situations, going out of my way, if necessary, to steer clear of peers and places that drag me down.

I am clear about my purpose. I share my goals with other caring individuals, and I remind myself daily of the benefits of staying strong.

Because I am focused on the big picture and utilize all support I need, I know that I am strong enough to overcome old habits.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I willing to sever ties with those who drag me down?
2. Where can I find a group of like-minded people who can support me?
3. Do I recognize the value of learning from those more experienced than myself?


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