It takes a great deal of courage to live the life I deserve.

Deciding to pursue the life I deserve is a decision I am ready to make. When I close my eyes and envision the life I want for myself, I can clearly see my life purpose. My life purpose is a journey designed for me.

Like any journey, mine begins with a first step. The first step may seem intimidating because it means I have decided to take a path that I have long dreamed of walking, yet it is necessary to take the first step.

Only my feet can take me in the direction I desire. It may feel like a great responsibility, but if I truly want to live a certain way, then it is up to me to make that happen.

I bravely set forth on my journey. My courage is evident in the way I carry myself. My head is held high. My eyes are alert and filled with hope. My steps are placed with courage. By walking with pride, I announce my goals to the world.

The world recognizes my confidence and determination, and because I am worthy of happiness and fulfilment, I am determined to pursue the life I want to live.

Making my dreams real can be both frightening and exhilarating. I acknowledge my fear and embrace my excitement. I am ready to have the life I deserve.

Courage roars inside of me, and today I am taking my first courageous step.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What life do I deserve?
2. How can I take steps toward achieving my life goals?
3. Today, how will I find the courage to take the first step toward my life goals?


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