When I look behind me, I see an army of goodness following me

Today is the day to write a new page in the story of my life. What has happened in the past is far behind me. My past victories as well as my past struggles are gone.

I am free from regret, guilt, and shame regarding my past. Memories of long ago are unable to affect my present because they are stored away. Past hurts have disappeared in the darkness of the night.

Without fear, I look behind me, and all I see is goodness and love following me wherever I go. There is enough grace for my mistakes and enough love to cover my imperfections.

I enjoy forgiveness from the mistakes I made in my past. I also enjoy freedom because I forgive those who hurt me. The footsteps I hear behind me belong to the army of blessings that follows me wherever I go.

I am a better person than I was 10 years ago. I accept myself just the way I am and seek to improve every day. Instead of running from my past, I have overcome it. Now, I am chased by success, healthy friendships, and new opportunities.

As I walk through the journey of life, I move forward with great speed. The past is a place to which I will never return. Yesterday is over; I am living for today and planning for tomorrow.

Today, I choose to forget the negative that may have been a part of my past and embrace the love and grace that is offered to me now.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Have I forgiven myself for the mistakes of my past?
2. How have I improved in the last 10 years?
3. What are my plans for the future?


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