I balance my evening with rest and relaxation so each morning I may rejoice in rejuvenation.

I wake up alive and revived because my life is balanced with a reprieve from the daily grind. When the sun shines through my window and touches me awake, I am excited and ready for the day.

As I stretch and slip out of bed, I celebrate my awakening with a breath of fresh air. I hop into the shower and sing a tune to match the birds outside my window. I happily take the time for a good breakfast that nourishes my body.

I can hardly wait to jump into my day! Today is a good day, and I am excited to be a part of it.

I wake up so alive because, in the evening, I take the time to rest and relax fully. I allow myself the downtime I need to shake off the stress from the day and do the things my body and mind need to wind down.

I run a bath of warm water to relax my muscles and calm my mind. I take the time to reflect on the day and release my worries and stress, visualizing them evaporating away from me as the steam rises from the warm water.

I feel my body's tension loosen, and I relax.

Wake Up Happy

Today, I choose to make relaxation time a priority, knowing that my reward awaits me in the morning when I awake.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I feel when I wake in the morning?
2. How do I relax in the evening?
3. Do I make this time to care for myself a priority in my life?


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