I build momentum by staying on task

When I focus completely on my work at hand, I find that I build a momentum that allows me to complete my tasks easier, quicker, and better.

Therefore, I strive to prevent any distractions that can interrupt this momentum. I set my phone to voice mail, let others know I am unavailable, and avoid looking at my emails until my work is done.

Although multitasking sounds great in concept, in reality, I know that trying to do several things at once takes away from the quality of my work. It also takes me longer to complete all the tasks than if I had focused on them one at a time.

At the beginning of each day, I create a task list of things that need to get done. I make a daily schedule, being sure to include enough time for my priorities. I schedule some easy tasks first that I can quickly dispense with and cross off my list.

Doing easy tasks first allows me to quickly build my momentum. It makes it easy to get started on my work and then move from one task to another very quickly. Once I get a running start like this, the momentum helps carry me through the harder tasks.

This daily strategy is my formula for success. It helps me build momentum, be more productive, and do a good job on each and every task. I can finish my work quicker so I can move on to the more exciting parts of my day!

Today, I plan to stay on task by carefully creating a workable schedule and then I follow it through to completion.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I create a daily schedule to help me stay on task?
  2. Have I made it a point to eliminate my distractions when I work?
  3. Do I try to multitask or do I focus on each task separately?

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