I can benefit from my blunders

Mistakes are not always the bad thing we make them out to be! I know I can learn a lot from my mistakes and use them as a means of self-improvement. Although I prefer not to make errors, I accept that they are part of life, and I strive to benefit from them.

I let go of the thought that I must be perfect and embrace who I am – mistakes and all! My mistakes do not reduce my value, so why should I feel demeaned when I make one?

In fact, mistakes can increase my value! Each error carries with it a lesson to be learned, if I only take advantage of what it can bring me.

Every time I make a mistake, what I learn from it sends me that much closer to achieving my goals. I once heard someone say, “Fail faster to reach success sooner.” How true it is!

Thinking of mistakes also reminds me of the recurring question in the movie Batman Returns: “Why do we fall?” The answer is: “So we can get back up again!”

Perseverance is integral to my success, and I learn perseverance from mistakes and challenges.

Mistakes are also the means to developing new skills. As I practice a new skill, I get better and better at it by reducing mistakes one by one.

Errors can also bring success in ways we never imagined!

After all, Christopher Columbus' classic blunder caused him to discover America. The famous Toll House chocolate chip cookies were invented by mistake. So were Silly Putty, cement, Coca Cola, post-it notes, and hundreds of things we use every day!

Today, I open my mind to find the advantages of my mistakes and benefit from them.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I fear making mistakes?
  2. Do I look for the silver lining in my mistakes?
  3. Do I learn from my mistakes and use this knowledge to succeed?
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