I Can Let Go of the Mistakes of my Past

My past mistakes are just that – part of my past. I live in the present because I cannot change the past and know not what the future holds. I may only influence the present, so I make the most of every moment in the here and now.

Just as all past experiences are part of what I am today, my mistakes have helped me grow and develop my inner strength. I appreciate them for what they have brought to me.

I refuse to fret over my past mistakes. Worrying about something I cannot change brings me unnecessary stress and causes me to waste my time and energy. I choose, instead, to devote my focus on what I can do right now to improve my life.

If I am dealing with unpleasant consequences of a past mistake, rather than bemoaning the mistake, I seek solutions to my challenges.

Mistakes are like blocks in the road or boulders on my path. They may seem immense, but I can go around them and continue on my journey. I leave them behind without another thought. I would never think of picking them up and carrying them with me!

In the same way, I leave my mistakes behind me and continue in my journey. I do what I need to do to get past them and then move on.

Today, I choose to live in the moment without worrying about my past mistakes. As I do, I feel the joy that can come with the ultimate focus on the present.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. After I make a mistake, how much time do I spend wishing it had not happened?
  2. How have I been made better by a challenge?
  3. Do I carry my mistakes with me as baggage?

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