I carry an uplifting attitude with me each day.

When I get ready in the morning, I make sure to put on an uplifting attitude. I dress myself up with grace and accessorize with a smile. I bring positivity with me wherever I go.

When I interact with others I make it a point to genuinely compliment them. I see others for their good heart and kind spirit. I make every effort to focus only on the positive attributes of others instead of their shortcomings.

I look for the good in others and stay silent when I lack kind words to say. Pointing out the good in others makes them feel valued. My family and coworkers know that they can count on me to have a positive point of view in every situation.

My attitude causes others around me to become positive as well. My uplifting attitude catches on like wildfire. Others around me reciprocate my attitude by being pleasant toward me because I am pleasant to them.

I am a threat to negativity because my uplifting spirit is stronger than any unpleasant thought that may try to creep into my mind.

Today, I am unstoppable because I choose to remain positive, regardless of the circumstances I may face. I believe that all good things belong to me and that even situations that are not ideal, will work out for my benefit in the end.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How does my presence affect the atmosphere of the room?
2. Am I determined to focus on the positive attributes of others?
3. What does my attitude say about me?


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