I enjoy living fully and completely in the now.

Living in the present enables me to let go of my worries about the past or future and completely focus on what is happening now, in this very moment. I am free to relish every sensation and experience it to its fullest.

Focusing on the present moment also brings a multitude of joys into my life. I am able to re-discover the beauty in all things, big and small.

When my baby wakes up and smiles at me during a busy morning, I can forget the stress of everything that must be done and cherish that loving moment.

When my partner stops what he is doing to give me a hug, I can melt into his arms and feel his passion for life bolstering my own.

When I finish a project at work, I let myself enjoy the pride of accomplishment and success and use my renewed confidence to motivate me to achieve more.

Being able to forget about outside worries also allows me to focus completely on my tasks when I am working toward a goal. With no distractions to cloud my mind, I find that living in the moment catapults me forward, stronger than ever.

I take time each and every day to stop and smell the roses. When I let myself fully experience the present, l see that life can encompass so much more! Even everyday routines become fresh with the nuances of each day.

Today, I plan to fully experience each moment of my day and enjoy how fulfilling life can really be.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Did I truly experience living in the moment at any time today, or was I fraught with thoughts of the past or future, while putting my real day on autopilot?
2. When was the last time I stopped and smelled the roses?
3. How can I more fully incorporate living in the now into my life?


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