I feel better about myself when I think of others.

True self-worth comes not from what I can attain, but from what I can give. I could be the most beautiful person in the world or own everything I wish to have, but only my level of love determines who I really am.

When I take the focus off my own circumstances and consider the condition of others, I become more grateful for what I have. I am blessed beyond measure even when I have difficulty seeing it.

The business of life sometimes causes me to forget all that is going right for me. Instead, negative experiences are magnified under the microscope of self-centeredness. At those times, I remove myself from the centre of attention by caring for someone else.

On days when I struggle with self-esteem, I make a point to find someone who I can serve. Placing the needs of others before my own frees me from the trap of self-centeredness.

By looking at others with compassion, I repair my own vision. I allow my heart to feel the pain of others, causing me to appreciate what I've taken for granted.

Reaching out to a person in need not only helps me to appreciate my blessings, but it also makes me feel better about myself. I am valuable beyond measure.

I have talents that can touch lives and change them for the better. When I allow my light to shine on others, it brightens up my life as well.

Today, I choose to take my mind off my own circumstances and find someone in need. I increase in love, gratitude, and value by giving of myself.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When was the last time I did something kind for someone else?

2. How do I feel when I help others?

3. Who can I help today?


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