I take small steps in life and appreciate the time I have.

Life is not a race. I can take the time to appreciate everything around me and be fully present in each moment.

I rejoice each day, whether sunny or cloudy because this day is mine and I enjoy just being present.

The morning breeze and the smell of brewing coffee sing sweet songs to my senses. I fully enjoy the fresh feeling I have as I take my morning shower; the water washing over my body feels satisfying. I am in no rush.

I prepare for the day and take the time to enjoy the process even if it is the same routine as many times before. Today is different in subtle ways. Each day as I settle in for the evening, I reflect on my day with a happy mindset.

I am fully present in my day, and I choose not to rush through any part of it. I recognize the slight differences in this day and appreciate each moment.

I take the time to reflect daily, and I enjoy re-living the beauty of the day. Each day is a joy, so I celebrate the good times and appreciate life's lessons as they unravel.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Have I been fully present in my day?
2. Have I taken the time to notice the subtle differences in the day?
3. Have I taken the time to reflect on my day?


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