My life is worth living.

When I am tired and overwhelmed I take a break to rejuvenate my mind. I take care of myself because I am valuable and my life is worth living. I am mature enough to take each day in stride because what makes life exciting is the spontaneity of every day.

On days when I feel like giving up, I remind myself of past accomplishments to boost my morale. I think of past birthdays and celebrations where I felt loved and happy. I use visual imagery to transport myself to a favorite vacation spot in order to temporarily escape the pressures of the moment.

If I ever feel lonely or disconnected, I remind myself that I am not alone. There are loved ones a call or an email away just waiting to hear from me. My friends and family need me to be there for them to celebrate their victories and help them through their trials.

My life has more value than words could ever describe. There are people who have been touched and changed by something I have done that I will never know about. My life was given to me for a purpose and I am determined to live it out even when it would be easier to waste away.

Giving up is not an option for me. The truth that speaks of my worth to my heart is louder than any lie that tries to tell me otherwise.

Today, I am making my life count by using it to serve others because service is the antidote to selfishness.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Why must I not give up?
2. What do I think of when I feel discouraged?
3. Who can I serve today?


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