Thoughts of the future fill me with optimism.

Thoughts of the future fill me with optimism.
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I find myself smiling when I think of the future. The possibilities are endless and I am optimistic about the rest of my life. Thoughts of the future excite me and fill me with joy. I am curious what the future holds.

I look forward to the future, but I am also busy creating it. Creating my future is the most reliable way to predict it. My life is infused with action. Taking committed action ensures that I can create the future I desire.

It is important to be optimistic about the future. Those that are cynical about the future lose hope.

Fear endangers the future by creating worry. I am free from fear. I expect great things to happen in the years to come. I am okay in this moment. The same is true regarding the future.

I have confidence in my future and my life.

The future is beginning today, and my optimism is rising. I press on into the future because that is the only way to live. I am free from my past and my perceived limitations. I can do anything I choose.

Today, I am preparing for the future with a great smile. I am confident in my future and my ability to have great success and happiness. Thoughts of the future fill me with optimism.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What do I have to look forward to in the future?
2. Do I consider myself to be an optimistic person? How could I be more optimistic?
3. How do I feel about the future? How does that attitude affect my future?

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