Beauty surrounds me, just waiting to be enjoyed.

Life is beautiful and I can experience its beauty all day long when I allow myself to see it. That's the trick – letting myself see the magnificence of life, instead of clouding my vision with worries and distractions.

When I find myself putting my daily activities on autopilot, I make it a point to push my distractions away and enjoy the beauty of the now.

I find that each moment carries its own particular beauty that is only present for a few fleeting minutes, then it disappears forever, only to be replaced by the beauty of the next moment. If I let my worries distract me, I live in my thoughts, instead of my reality. If I pay attention to the preciousness of the moment, I bring that positivity into my own life and it's there with me forever.

My life's journey is a parade of joyful moments. I am grateful for these joys and I look forward with anticipation to the ones yet to come.

I can strengthen my ability to discover this beauty with a positive and optimistic mindset. Negative feelings tend to make it harder to see the splendor that surrounds me, while optimism makes it easy.

Today, I intend to maintain a positive attitude and discover the beauty of each moment.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I able to see the beauty that surrounds me?
2. What beauty did I experience today?
3. What did I miss while I was preoccupied with worries and distractions?


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