I enjoy breathing effortlessly and deeply

Breathing is my way of dispersing serenity through my body. In order to relax, I take slow, deep breaths. I inhale gradually, allowing my lungs to be filled with air. When I exhale, I take my time controlling my breath so it exits my body at a steady pace.
I pause and listen to the air flowing in and out of my body. I avoid short, shallow breaths that end in my chest. Instead, when I breathe, I make sure to breathe deeply.

In the morning, when I go outdoors, I breathe in the freshness of the morning dew. Cleansing my body with fresh air helps me start my day off right. I enjoy breathing air free from pollutants.

My life is free from the effects of smoking. I do not smoke and I stay away from smoky places in order to protect my lungs. As a result, I breathe with ease.

On days when my schedule keeps me going at a fast pace, breathing helps me to be more productive and energized. Sending oxygen to my brain maximizes my brainpower. 

Concentrating on every breath, I envision a powerful cleansing force circulating through my body. I breathe in power and blow out stress. When I am frazzled, I take a breathing break to clear my mind, re-focus, and free my body from stress. 

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What exercises can I do to increase the depth of my breaths?
  2. What life changes can I make to strengthen my respiratory system?
  3. Do I consciously avoid pollutants?
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