I have all the self-discipline I need today.

I easily focus on what matters most to me. The things I care about are important enough to devote my energy to them. And they are all deserving of the best I can give them. Therefore, I have all the self-discipline I need today.

When I begin working, my attention hardly wavers until the work is done. And when I start a new project, I visualize the goal in my mind. Then, I doggedly pursue that end until the project is complete.

My persistence applies to more than my career and personal projects. I am also committed to healthy living. I have all the self-discipline I need to make healthy food choices and to stay physically active today. Exercising regularly comes naturally to me, and I enjoy eating balanced meals!

Admittedly, the world is full of interesting distractions. Sometimes, I find myself following an unintended path. But I always correct course and direct my energy back toward what matters most to me. And once I have returned to my desired path, I am focused.

Restraint and purpose both serve me well as I pursue my goals. I choose to act in ways that support my highest vision of myself. And I elect to refrain from behaviours that are detrimental to my hopes and dreams.

Today, I am brimming with self-discipline. I easily put my energies toward my desired ends. And I commit to practising this in new ways each day.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are some of my primary short-term goals (six months to one year)?
2. What are some of my longer-term objectives (one to five years)?
3. What small actions can I take today that will support each one of these goals?


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