I maintain a good posture while working at the computer. 

When I work on the computer, I maintain the correct posture to prevent backaches and joint pain. Sitting properly allows me to be more efficient in my work.

One of the most important things I do is to check the position of my office chair. I adjust my chair's height, so my feet are flat on the ground, and my knees are slightly bent. I sit as close to my desk as possible.

My back is strongly supported when I lean back in my chair. My posture helps me relax by eliminating physical tension. When I feel comfortable, I can focus my attention on the work at hand without any disruptions.

I place the items I use most frequently within my reach to prevent myself from constantly overextending my back. I use tools such as file holders that attach to the monitor to facilitate my good posture.

My computer screen is set to eye level so I can keep my neck straight. To keep my eyes healthy, I frequently look away from the screen. Looking after my body is important to me, even at work.

I take care of my posture to ensure comfort and productivity. Practising good posture is one of the ways I show myself respect. When I feel comfortable, I can welcome the fresh ideas that flood my mind.

Today, I choose to pause often to perform a mental scan of my posture. I maintain a high level of self-awareness to improve my overall quality of life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I feel comfortable when I work at my computer?
2. Why is it necessary to give my eyes time to rest?
3. How do I benefit from practising good posture?


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