I practice cell phone safety while driving.

I practice cell phone safety while driving.
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Driving is a privilege I have as a responsible citizen. It is my duty to practice safety while driving. Records show that accidents caused by distracted drivers on their cell phones have increased dramatically. Therefore, I practice safe habits to keep myself and other motorists safe.

When I am behind the wheel of a car, my number one charge is to practice safety. I obey traffic signs, yield to other motorists, stay calm under pressure, and keep my eyes on the road. A cell phone conversation, as brief as it may be, impairs my ability to stay focused on the road.

I am stronger than the urge to check my cell phone the second it rings.

Under no circumstances do I ever read or send a text message while I drive. I am a selfless individual who understands that people sharing the road with me deserve to be safe. I value my life and the lives of others more than a phone call.

I refrain from undermining the dangers of cell phone usage in the car, regardless of what my peers say or do. Cell phone safety is something I practice out of respect for myself, my family, and the other passengers in my vehicle who trust me to keep them safe.

Today, I commit to safety by turning off my phone while driving or practising alternative safety methods. No phone call is worth a life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do if I need to make a phone call while I am driving?
2. Is it ever acceptable to text while I drive?
3. How can I avoid unnecessary accidents caused by distractions?

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