I prepare nutritious meals.

I am passionate about taking care of my family. From fulfilling their greatest needs to catering to their smallest desires, it is my joy to care for my family. Teaching my family healthy eating habits is one of my greatest responsibilities.

It takes time and effort to plan and prepare nutritious meals for my family, but I am happily willing to spend the time to plan, shop for groceries, and cook healthy meals for my family. My family'€™s health is worth the work.

Life has a fast pace, causing me to sometimes head to a drive-thru rather than a grocery store. That was the past. Today, I am changing those habits.

I am taking control of my schedule, and I am designating time to spend on something as important as my family'€™s nutrition.

I refrain from having junk food in my home, so it can'€™t tempt me. My kitchen is filled with fruits, vegetables, and foods rich in vitamins. Whether as a side dish or pureed and added into the food, each meal I prepare includes a serving of fruit or vegetables.

On weeks where I anticipate being pressed for time, I prepare meals one weekend ahead and freeze them. During the week, I then thaw out and warm up the meal I prepared in advance.

Preparing meals can be a fun family affair where all the members can get involved while learning proper nutrition. Some of the best memories in life are made by spending time gathered around the table together.

Today, I choose to research healthy recipes and add them to my family'€™s meal plan. I clear time in my schedule to devote to our nutrition because it is important to me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When can I plan my family's meals?
2. What healthy foods are missing from my meals?
3. Why is it worth the effort to establish healthy habits?

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