‘Sleep Wake’ Technique puts Anyone to Sleep

At the height of the great depression, scientists unknowingly stumbled onto one of the biggest discoveries of sleep science…

A phenomenon known as the “sleep-wake cycle.”

It means your brain at times can lock into a different rhythm and effortlessly relax or speed up like shifting gears.

And they have found a way to slow down the gear shifting of the human mind to the exact speed and pattern of brainwaves produced during deep sleep — simply through sound.

It’s a bit counter intuitive, I know.

But by using sound, you can doze off into the deepest, longest sleep you’ve ever experienced.

And for decades, this amazing piece of science lay dormant like a diamond in the rough.

A simple, pill-free technique that takes someone from fighting for every hour of sleep they could get…

To falling asleep faster than someone brushes their teeth.

Watch this video and learn how this simple sound can put you to sleep in minutes — longer and deeper than you have in years.

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