Through daily exercise I keep my mind sharp.

I use both physical and mental exercises to keep my mind in peak condition. A sharp mind is a boon to living a fulfilling life, so I make it a point to give it a workout every day.

Physical exercise brings my body a fresh supply of oxygen that helps me think clearly. An added benefit of a good physical workout is the production of endorphins, the feel-good hormones that can relieve my stress!

Besides a good workout, I rejuvenate my mind with simple physical activities that are fun and beneficial in other ways, too. Going for a walk gets me back to nature and gives me time to think. Playing with my kids lets me spend quality time with them, which makes us all feel good.

For mental exercise, anything that gets my mind working is beneficial – crossword puzzles, trivia games, reading new books, and more. So I constantly keep my mind working with new data for it to process.

My mental workout also includes meditation, affirmations, and positive self-talk. A quiet time of meditation calms, inspires, motivates, and rejuvenates me all at the same time! Daily use of positive affirmations and self-talk keeps my mindset sharp and optimistic.

Today, my plan is to keep my mind active all day and follow that up with some rejuvenating meditation before I lay my head to rest.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I make it a point to exercise my mind as well as my body?
2. How can I incorporate more mind exercises into my daily routine?
3. What are some good visual images I can use in meditation to relieve my stress and inspire me?


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