Excitement consumes me when I plan for the future.

Excitement consumes me when I plan for the future.
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There are few greater things that being able to plan for the future without hindrances. I am filled with excitement when I am able to work my way towards my dream.

The first thought that crosses my mind when I open my eyes is how to proceed with planning. I arise with butterflies in my stomach because of how excited I am. It is so easy to work towards goals when I am enthusiastic about them.

Planning my career abroad is time consuming but rewarding. I enjoy the feeling of satisfaction I get when I check one more thing off the list.

My eyes light up when someone asks me how I am progressing with my plans. My body language changes when I start talking about the great things that are ahead of me.

Even bumps in the road are exciting to me. They simply mean that an alternative is out there that I am prepared to find.

Very rarely do I get discouraged when putting things in place for an exhilarating future. I automatically seek and find solutions for any obstacles. I am blessed to have the sixth sense to know when something feels right.

Today, my heart is bubbling over with joy as I stare wide-eyed into space thinking about the future. Exciting times are ahead and I am ready to meet them head on.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can my creativity to get me over a hump?
2. How do I temper my excitement about the future to ensure that I also remain focused on the present?
3. What are some tools I can use to ensure all the necessary tasks get done?

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