My external appearance reflects my inner beauty. 

I am a beautiful person from the inside out. My true beauty is based on the fact that I have a beautiful heart filled with compassion. I do my best to show the world I am inside by taking care of my outward appearance.

Regardless of how accomplished I may be, my outward appearance says a lot about me. Before people get a chance to meet me, they make assumptions about me according to how I present myself.

I dress modestly to show my sense of humility. My dress style is unique enough to make me stand out but subtle enough to be still approachable. I choose clothes that are flattering yet appropriate for my body type. I dress the way I want to be addressed.

My posture speaks volumes about my self-esteem. When I walk, I stand tall, with my shoulders back. I carry myself with dignity, the way I want others to see me. When I devote time to my appearance, I feel empowered.

I treat myself with respect so that others may follow suit. By taking care of my hygiene and other basic needs, I communicate to others that I take pride in who I am. People take me seriously when they see me taking myself seriously.

Today, I choose to invest time and effort into my physical appearance because it is the first thing people see about me. Taking care of my appearance is far from conforming to pressure or stereotypes; it is simply making a visible statement about myself.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What does my appearance say about me?
2. How can I improve my posture?
3. How do I feel when I look good?


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