100 HEMP Budo Zen Meditation Cushion with BUCKWHEAT HULL Filling

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  • 100% HEMP with BUCKWHEAT HULLS – 16″ x 5.5″ (40cm x 14cm)
  • NAME & LOGO – are inspired by the famous Samurai Ronin Musashi Miyamoto whose book used the Zen philosophy of the ‘five elements' that constitute the universe. The Logo's shape is of a ‘tsuba' (the hand guard of a katana – sword) and the Five Elements: Earth (Chi), Water (Sui), Fire (Ka), Wind (Fu), are at each cardinal point. The fifth element, Void (KU) is represented by the ‘Void' in the middle of the tsuba where the blade is inserted. KU Enter The Void – take your training to the next level.
  • ZEN ZAFU MEDITATION CUSHIONS (PILLOWS) – are used in the practise of Zazen (seated meditation) and can greatly enhance your meditation experience. KU ENTER THE VOID is a Budo & Zen brand and therefore we have designed a Zafu Cushion that any Budoka – Martial Artist, wanting to further their mind & spirit, would be proud of. All of our Zafus are 16″ x 5.5″ (40cm x 14cm); black with our brand logo on top, embroidered in silver; pleated for a traditional look; and are double layered to be washable.
  • 100% HEMP (BOTH COVERS) – We looked around for the best material to use for your Zafu, and we found Hemp to be the outstanding winner; it is one of the strongest and most durable of all natural fibres, naturally resistant to mould, ultraviolet light, anti-static. Hemp is one of the most sustainable, eco friendly, and robust crops on Earth, because Hemp is a weed it uses very little water and grows quickly and easily without the need of dangerous chemicals.
  • BUCK WHEAT HULLS – have been used in Japan, China and many other Asian countries for centuries and are the preferred filling for all premium quality Zafu Meditation Cushions, because not only are they 100% natural, organic and eco-friendly, but they are also resistant to pressure, which will allow your Zafu extra breathability, coolness, and help provide the proper alignment needed in your meditation practise. Buckwheat does NOT contain any gluten.
  • BONUS CARRY BAG & EXTENDED WARRANTY – Most people meditate at home or at work in the office, but for those who are mobile meditators or if you're planning to travel, attend a mindfulness, TM or yoga retreat, or a Karate, Judo, Aikido, Kung Fu, MMA or BJJ camp, then you'll love our Bonus Carry Bag – a lot of Martial Artists have also been using it as a training bag to take their DoGi and Equipment to their Dojo. 5 Year Extended Warranties available to all KU ENTER THE VOID MEMBERS + other extras.

KU ENTER THE VOID is a Budo (Martial Arts) & Zen (Meditation) brand, so we have designed the perfect Zafu (cushion/pillow) for anyone interested in enhancing their training, practise, and spending more time in the ‘zone' by furthering their Mind, Body, and Spirit in daily Zazen (seated meditation). The Kanji (Japanese/Chinese characters) on the cushion are the 5 elements from the famous book ‘Go Rin No Sho' (The Book Of Five Rings) by Samurai Musashi Miyamoto. Clockwise from the top is Fu (Wind), Sui (Water), Chi (Earth), Ka (Fire), and Ku (Void) is in the middle represented by the Void in a Tsuba of a Katana where the blade is inserted. Owning a Zafu that aligns with your interests and values, means a more enriched, meaningful experience and journey to Enlightenment. 5% of all our profits go to Budo & Zen inspired charities and not-for-profits.
All the best, from the team at – KU ENTER THE VOID.


  • – one of the strongest and most durable textiles known to man. Like fine red wine, hemp gets better with age – hemp doesn't wear out, it wears in!

  • – they won't let your cushion flatten or become misshapen, because they are resistant to pressure, allowing your cushion to ‘reset' each time it's moved. Instead of compressing, the hulls will form around your body to generate support and help provide the proper alignment needed, while also easing stress on your joints.

  • – so you don't have to carry your cushion like a football.

  • – use it for your zafu, or use it for your gi and training gear.

  • – for a smoother look.

  • – Add or Remove the hulls to adjust firmness – keep the hulls dry at all times. Wash cover/s if needed on a cold gentle/delicate cycle – line dry.

  • – become a KU ENTER THE VOID MEMBER to receive ++ extra benefits.

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