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From Marty Schupak: “Driveway Basketball Drills” is one of the most complete videos/DVDs produced by and the Youth Sports Club. We tried to cover different aspects of basketball that can be practiced in one's own driveway or schoolyard. My own favorites were the shooting drills as well as the creative one on one games. This product is must for any recreational or school player and is the perfect compliment to my other basketball video, “48 Championship Basketball Drills”.


“Anyone interested in basketball, of any age, will find this program extremely helpful” — Booklist

“an impressively coherent visual compilation of creative drills and games” — Midwest Book Review

“basketball memories on your driveway that will last a lifetime” — Ralph Sharaga

“some of the most creative at home sports drills I've ever seen. Driveway Basketball Drills scores big!” — Bobby Woods, Former Pro Athlete and Coach

“this sports title is terrific for viewers of all skill levels ” — Video Librarian

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“Driveway Basketball Drills” was filmed in suburban New York with a small group of four kids. Continuing with the tradition of the Youth Sports Club and , nationally known youth coach and video producer Marty Schupak, has put together one of the most creative sports instructional videos to date. The DVD shows some of the most fundamental basketball drills as well as some advanced skill drills using limited space and being creative using areas in one¬ís own driveway. The DVD is appropriate for ages 7-18. PLEASE NOTE THAT “DRIVEWAY BASKETBALL DRILLS” IS OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY DVD WITH A MENU AND CHAPTERS.

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Marty Schupak is a nationally known youth sports coach who began producing sports instrucitonal videos a few years ago. He is President of the Youth Sports Club and . His feeling is that many youth coaches run practices with too much standing around for the players and with too much down time. I got concerned about youth sports after observing my oldest son's youth baseball practice which consisted of two and half hours of batting practice and nothing else. Most of the players were just standing around swating at flies and getting nothing out of the practice. I decided to produce youth sports instructional videos so the parent/coach as well as the school coach can watch the videos and not only use the drills provided but create their own drills. In addition to Driveway Basketball Drills, other videos produced by Marty Schupak are: The 59 Minute Baseball Practice 48 Championship Basketball Drills, Backyard Baseball Drills, Winning Baseball Strategies,Championship Soccer Drills, Pitching Drills & Techniques, and Backyard Soccer Drills. He is also author of the popular book Youth Baseball Drills.

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