Cancer Awareness Bracelet Hope for The Cure by Hidden Hollow

Price: $7.75


  • Cancer Awareness Campaign – multi beaded bracelet represents general cancer awareness with all cancer colors. High quality wire bracelets are sized to fit most adults, 7 3/4” packaged with two expansion rings, and held with a strong lobster clasp.
  • Cancer Awareness Jewelry – High quality cancer awareness merchandise for use in your cancer awareness campaign or cancer fundraising efforts. Handmade from the highest quality materials. Comes mounted on a card with the meanings of all the cancer colors.
  • Cancer Fundraising Campaign – High quality cancer fundraising product, a thank you gift for volunteers, or wear to show your support. Bracelet displays a beautiful, silver plated “Hope” “Cure” and cancer awareness charms
  • Raise Money For Cancer – Support patients and families with money raised from cancer fundraising merchandise, or donate the money to your favorite cancer research facility
  • Fight Cancer – A portion of the sale of this item will be donated to the American Cancer Society

Over the past 50 years, the survival for cancer has increased from 50% in 1975 to nearly 70% today. While a cancer diagnosis is still a shock, and scary for the patient and their family, the odds are more in favor of beating cancer than not. If you, or someone you love is fight cancer, or has already won, celebrate survival with this beautiful, Lavender Cancer Survival bracelet by Hidden Hollow Beads. Created using fiber optic cat’s eye beads, silver plated accents, and a cancer awareness charm, this bracelet measures 7 ¾” and is a good fit for most sizes. It comes prepackaged, and mounted on a card that lists all of the cancer awareness colors and their meanings. Included are two expansion rings that allow the bracelet to be expanded to fit additional sizes. These beautiful bracelets are a great choice to offer guests of your Cancer Awareness Campaigns, or Cancer Survival Celebrations. All Cancer Awareness Campaigns should focus on prevention and early detection. Lifestyle changes are a good focus for Cancer Education Campaigns. Smoking is known to increase risk for all types of cancer, and stopping smoking can decrease the risk at any age. Heavy alcohol use is also a risk factor for several types of cancer. Maintaining a healthy weight, eating a diet high in fruits and vegetable and getting plenty of physical activity is shown to reduce the overall risk of developing cancer. Invite local health providers to be a part of your campaign, and give them the opportunity to donate cancer awareness items for your guests. Cancer Fundraisers are a good way to show support for someone you know who is battling cancer. These beautiful, lavender survival and awareness bracelets have been used to raise money to help with doctor bills, living expenses, and other costs related to a cancer diagnosis. A portion of the proceeds from this sale go to cancer research. We thank you for doing your part in supporting cancer awareness. Together we can win the war!

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