Delicious Vegan Snacks

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  • VEGAN SNACKS HEALTHY SNACKS? ABSOLUTELY! These vegan friendly snacks contain only the cleanest ingredients to fuel your fitness goals!
  • VEGAN FOODS FOR PREWORKOUT? ABSOLUTELY! These keto friendly snacks are low carb protein bars that help you build a lean, fit body
  • PLANT BASED PROTEIN BAR – PLANT BASED SNACKS? These indulgent low sugar snacks are like vegan candy snacks that won't let your taste buds down!
  • GLUTEN FREE SNACKS INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED? Our vegan foods never contain gluten but they do contain healthy fats plus hemp & pea protein!
  • VEGAN FRIENDLY FOOD? IT'S YOUR BFF! Vegan chocolate brownie bites make great friends when they help fuel your busy day – perfect for weight loss!

Hemp Protein Is A Complete Protein!
If plant based snacks are your goal, we've got you covered. Hemp protein is a complete protein that builds a lean, fit body and this delicious vegan snack bite comforts with cacao-soaked indulgence, energizes with peppermint and fuels your lifestyle with healthy powerfoods.  

Finding decadent vegan food should never be a challenge but we know all to well that eating vegan isn't always easy.  Many vegan foods are heavily processed in an attempt to make them tasty.  Not the case with Goal Foods vegan products.  These vegan protein snack bites contain minimal and clean ingredients and best of all, they taste like indulgent, mint brownie desserts.  Sweet but not sticky sweet.  You might wonder if they really are healthy snacks.

The Perfect Snack To:

Fuel Your Pre Workout & Post Workout

Slim Your Body Fast & Build Lean Muscle

Power Your Busy Day & Burn Fat

A Vegan Meal Replacement to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Gluten Free Food
Looking for gluten free bites and snacks?  Isn't it disappointing when you find vegan products that contain gluten?  We do and that's why we guarantee these gluten free bars to to be 100% gluten free. Vegan friendly foods should never contain gluten and we're proud to say that ours don't.

Organic Raw Hemp Protein
Hemp protein is an outstanding vegan source of amino acids, fiber, healthy fat, minerals and antioxidants. Minimally processed and easily digestible, this complete protein source supports muscle repair and maintenance.

Organic Hemp Seed Oil
A natural anti-inflammatory, hemp oil has been used in traditional medicine for millennia. Our organic hemp seed oil is exceptionally nutritious, delivering beneficial fatty acids, antioxidants and healthful bioactive compounds.

Snack Clean, Snack Hemp, Snack Indulgence!

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