How Volunteering For a Political Campaign Can Benefit You

Volunteering for a political campaign is an opportunity to have fun while you help others and yourself. You can improve your social life and your career prospects while you're strengthening democracy. These are some of the major benefits of working on a political campaign.

Become a Better Citizen:

1. Learn more about the issues. Informed citizens are the backbone of any democracy. The experiences you take away from a political campaign can give you insights that you don't get from reading a newspaper.

  • By going door to door, you may hear first-hand how budget cuts affect a school teacher or why a senior citizen depends on a local transportation program to do her grocery shopping.

2. Support candidates and causes you believe in. Many people select a candidate based on where they stand on particular issues. For example, if you want to protect the environment, you can help elect leaders who share your views on global warming and habitat conservation.

  • Even if you can't make large financial donations, you can give your time and hard work to worthy causes.

3. Connect with people who share your views. Your individual efforts will have a greater impact when you join forces with others working for a common goal. There's strength in numbers.

Advance Your Career:

1. Broaden your skills. Political campaigns require many different skills. You can enhance your accomplishments in your chosen field or experiment with new paths. Opportunities can include all types of administrative and research work, as well as fundraising, communications, and field activities.

  • This can be especially helpful if you're thinking about a career change or need to get some professional experience to land your first job.

2. Expand your professional network. On a political campaign, you can meet leaders in your own industry and people from very different walks of life. Listen carefully when voters talk about what their businesses and communities need. You may make valuable contacts and find future clients and employment opportunities.

3. Launch a career in politics or government. If you want to work in the public sector, volunteering is a great way to learn the ropes and move up the ladder. Local campaigns often lack professional staff or experienced volunteers so you may be able to assume significant responsibilities quickly.

  • The right contacts and experience can help you prepare for a political appointment or a career as a professional campaign manager.

Have Some Fun:

1. Make new friends. Political campaigns are serious work, but you can still have a good time. You'll be surrounded by people who likely share your values, so you'll gain new friends that can last a lifetime. Campaign workers often hold reunion parties after Election Day and come back together each election cycle.

2. Share meaningful activities with your old friends. Campaigns need lots of volunteers so they welcome groups as well as individuals. If you already belong to a community organization, you may want to volunteer together.

  • Getting other volunteers involved in the campaign is also a sure-fire way to get some positive attention for yourself.

3. Boost your self-esteem. Volunteer work is always a great way to feel empowered. By following through on your commitment and taking the initiative as a problem solver, you can help your community and your own state of mind.

4. Get energized. Some people thrive on the excitement of political campaign work. You can make a career out of it or use that energy to liven up your current routine.

Volunteering for a political campaign can benefit your life in many ways. As a volunteer, you can help promote good government and advance your own career and personal goals at the same time.

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